Ghost To Queen


Ghost To Quee

I searched to find fragments of myself that once were 

Like broken shards of glass

Spinning in a downwards vortex

I knew I had a life inside me

buried deep beneath all the rocks that laid on my soul

I was crushed inside, defeated but not hopeless

I was called to Coventry, for healing

In the city of sanctuary

Where the living waters

Restored me

I walked around these ancient grounds

And in my body I feel the vibrations of the sounds of

Thousand year old prayers

That made this land we walk on today sacred

From the incantations of the ancient priory

I feel a new sound emerging and singing over me

I take off my shoes

To feel the ground beneath my feet

My heart speaks to me:

I am not defeated

I am not who I was

I am not defined by the bombshells

Explosions or the ghosts of my past

I can hear a new sound

Rising up from the ground

From the soles of my feet

Its my resurrection sound

I feel an iridescent light which shines out of me

And over my city Coventry.

Come and stand with me

And let the light in

And let shine out of you

As we stand together

As brothers and sisters

Like lamps lining up the streets

From space it looks like the city

Who's light cannot be hidden

Never dulls or dims

Not powered by electricity

But by the bonds of love

And the transformation from who we once were

To who were are meant to be

You came here like me

To find a place to call home

To belong

And found a unique shaped space

Just for you

Come as you are

The city called

My heart answered

Its deepest desire

To be call HOME