The Father's Love 


 I am your Father,  I give you everything you everything you need.

I let you fall asleep in my arms, with your head resting against my chest, because I love you.

When you are with me its like putting your feet into a crystal pure stream on a hot summers day.

Gazing across fresh green rolling hills.

I give you total refreshment for your whole mind, body and soul.

Come to me and I will hold you and give you all of my affection.

My arms ache to hold you, my love.

Look into my eyes for direction and I will show you the right way.

I promise you.

When you are feeling out of your depth and the world is closing in on you.

When you are up to your neck in murky waters and your world feels frightening and dangerous keep looking at me.

You will feel my love and you won't be afraid.

Our love story will never end.

Come to me for I am your safe space.

When others attack you, lie about you and cause you pain I will make you the biggest dinner with all your favorite things on the menu.

Specially made just for you.

I will light little candles, put cushions on the floor all around you and pour oil onto your hair.

For to me you are beautiful.

Feel the luxury of my love.

Let it fill your heart.

I need you to know that this is your forever home and you live here with me, every day of your life.

I will never stop loving you.

Love Your Father.